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Beet Root
Beet root are not too common here but they are available in popular stores. The fruits are gaining mass popularity among researchers. I did a bit findings and I was surprised with benefits attributed to consuming Beet root drink. It contains so many properties that could help the body get rid of so many sicknesses in the body and those in the pipeline.

Recent study shows that Beet root works perfectly well for high blood pressure in adults with heart failure and this effect was noticed after one week of drinking Beet root juice. I hope some of our consumable manufactures would include this in some of our drinks. Beet root works perfectly well when it is not exposed to heat or processing. Eating raw beet roots is advisable. This can be used as drinks, salad or as pickled (blend in a water and soaked overnight). They are rich in folic and manganese. Its leafs are said to be rich in vitamin A(127% RDA), vitamin C (50% RDA), vitamin K (500% RDA) and they contain iron, calcium ,magnesium, sulphur, choline and silica. Beet roots contain iron (14%) which can deal with anaemia.beet 3
Beet root works to improve or heal conditions like anaemia, liver, skin, kidneys, lymphatic circulation, eye, skin problems, detoxification, cancer and can boost your energy.

What is the fruit Magic?
It contains raw oxalic acid which helps to dissolve inorganic calcium deposits. Since the major causes of most chronic diseases are due to inorganic calcium, David Wolfe, a nutritionist said this explains why Beet root can fight chronic diseases like arthritis, heart disease, cancer, kidney stones, eye problems, varicose vein aritteriscierosis and a host of others calcium driven disease.
What quantity?
About 1 ounce of beet root is needed daily due to it’s over activeness in detoxification. More importantly it is necessary to accompany this fruit with good food or diet.






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