Why arms suddenly turn flabby?


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Flabby arms can come out of nowhere due to changes occurring in the body throughout adulthood. There are ways to combat and tighten flabby arms, however, including incorporating both regular strength training sessions and cardio workouts.

Reasons for Flabbiness
Arm flabbiness is caused by an excess of fat, which can be the result of natural changes that occur with age. It is expected that after the age of 30, the body fat tends to increase and lean muscle typically decreases. These changes are partially due to hormonal changes that occur with age, but also because of the tendency to be less active. The hormonal changes cause metabolic rate to decrease, which means fewer calories burned throughout the day. A slower metabolism combined with fewer calories burned from a lack of exercise creates a significant risk of weight gain. Gravitational pull also takes its toll, constantly pulling on the back of the arms and thus facilitating flabbiness.

Useful tips to remember
Eating too much sugar, whether its chocolate candy, sweets, or high sugar foods like fruits or carrots, the body will treat it all the same as sugar. Too much sugar blocks the fat busting enzymes and slows down fat loss. If you want to get rid of arm fat cut down on the sugar.

You cannot out train unhealthy habits. Some people say, oh I’ll just spend more time in the gym if I eat lots of fat or sugar. The truth is that you cannot substitute more exercise for poor nutrition or rest. You cannot under eat a lack of physical activity. You need to have a balanced plan to reshape your arms or any part of your body. You can’t just pick and choose what you like.
Take this simple arm fat test. Do you have arm fat of just a relaxed muscle? A relaxed muscle (the tricep on the back of your arm) will normally wiggle when relaxed. As we mature the muscle can lose some of its tone, which we can recapture with exercise to some extent.

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