Who Has Not Been Consuming This?…..that men who consume Lycopene are less likely to develop prostate cancer.

The Powerful Effects of grapes

Grapes belong to the family of berry and is made up of different tastes and types. Some grapes taste sweet while some have sour taste. Some are red while some are white. Some have seeds while some are seedless. So many researches have shown the benefits of grapes in the past which are not new to many people. The benefits still remain as it is and many other benefits are revealing day in and out with various researchers still digging for more benefits.

Grapes are rich in Vitamin C and A. Studies reveal the vitamin C in grapes can provide 120% of the daily body required nutrients and 53% nutrients in Vitamin A.

Grape has been shown as an agent for weight reduction and calories burner when consumed before eating. Another study shows grape to relatively suppress cancerous tumors and prevents colon cancer.

Grapes are known to work on inflammation like asthma, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Grapes contain Lycopene which are present in other fruits like tomatoes, watermelons, apricot etc which help to protect the skin. The study also shows that men who consume Lycopene are less likely to develop prostate cancer.

Dr Mercola warns that as beneficial as the fruit is, it should be taken in moderation because it contains fructose which may be harmful to one’s health. He mentioned a rare cases of fruit interference with drugs and advice that those on specific medication speak to their doctors before exploring the powerful healing effects of grapes.

What’s New and Beneficial About Grapes?

Grapes are believed to be a good factor for life longevity. Researchers have digged more into other benefits of grape and found that ‘resveratrol’ (a stillbene phytonutrients) which is present in the skin of grape and seed to be working in support of the three genes that are related to Iife longevity.

‘Interestingly, some researchers have shown a parallel between activation of these longevity genes by resveratrol and activation by calorie-restricted diets. In aging and longevity research, our ability to get optimal nutrition for the fewest possible amount of calories is related to our longevity, and the more we can decrease our calories while staying optimally nourished, the better our chances of healthy aging and longevity.’

Grapes also have been proven in recent researches to be attributed to low GI value which is a good indicator of the fruit’s benefit to the blood. ‘Better blood sugar balance, better insulin regulation, and increased insulin sensitivity have now been connected with intake of grape juices, grape extracts, and individual phytonutrients found in grapes.

Another study shows that the planting of organic grape in a compound or frequent smell of it will eradicate pests and this will reduce the use of chemical to kill pests, there by helps to prevent air pollution or inhalation of pesticides .’There’s new evidence that pesticide residues can be successfully avoided by purchase of certified organic grapes. In a recent study of 99 vineyards in the Aegean Sea area of the Mediterranean, pesticide residues were found on conventionally grown table grapes, but were determined to be undetectable on grapes that had been organically grown. This new evidence adds to our confidence about the added health benefits of selecting organically grown grapes.’









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