Which is Most Effective Method to Reduce Weight; Diet or Exercise?

Weight, diet and exercise are all familiar terms. A lot of people battle with obesity by exercising. Some combine both exercise and diet and at the end of the day no desired results are achieved. Diet and Exercise are both good ways to reduce those excesses fat but there are other things to keep in mind to ensure an effective result is achieved at the end of the day. Also while trying to diet we must ensure a healthy diet to avoid malnutrition as well as non-communicable disease. Unhealthy diet and lack of exercise are leading global risk to health according to WHO.

Before you set that weight reduction target is important to know the actual daily required energy (calories) consumption and how to balance it in proportion to your age and daily work routine. The chat below is a guide to let know either to add or reduce your daily required calories consumption.  The two important factors that determine this are age and work

diet image

You can consult the site dietician for a daily nutritional time table to help in ensuring a healthy diet.

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