Which days in my monthly circle can I make love to my husband and get pregnant

Question: Doctor please which days in my monthly circle can I make love to my husband and get pregnant . My husband is an offshore engineer and hardly stay at home. I will be happy if you can be enlightened.
Doctor Response:

‎You will need to know your menstrual cycle. This may give u guide to your likely ovulation time which is usually 14 days before your next menses. Other signs you may notice are thickening of your cervical mucus and increase in your body temperature. Your chances of getting pregnant during this period is higher provided other factors such as good quality semen and patent fallopian tubes. You may also need to see a fertility expert to help you with ovulation induction + timed intercourse, intrauterine insemination or other forms of assisted reproductive techiques.


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    Pls i gave birth 2 my last baby feb. 2008 nd after dat,i did family planing,the dat normaly stays upto eight yrs in fallopian tube.so after six years,i startd having pains down my abdomen,so anther one am seeing is rashes all over my body nd especially my face,it has spoilt my face dat i cant attend any occasion again nd it do scratching me all d tym.pls what will i do?The type I did is COPPER T

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