When to resume sex after miscarriage?


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Miscarriage is not a pleasant experience for any couple especially the woman. Many are deeply affected with the loss of pregnancy which takes between two to three months before the woman will get over the shock and the experience. Some of the issues that agitates the mind is that is it safe to engage in sex after one has just lost a pregnancy, would the couple garner the necessary mood to commence another journey of pregnancy beginning with sex?, would the woman be strong enough to allow the man into her “pot”?

In summary, sex after marriage is a topical issue and a great emotional debacle for the woman. However, life must go on in spite of all circumstances, experts and medical doctors have suggested that sex can resume fully two weeks after the loss of pregnancy.

It is generally believed that once the bleeding that usually followed miscarriage is over, it is safe to begin sexual activity. Experts say the cessation of bleeding usually lasts two weeks and that thus time frame would have allowed the cervix enough time to close up. It is advisable to allow the cervix to fully close as there is higher risk of infection to the uterus if one engages in sex before the cervix is closed.



See your period before resumption of sexual activity

It is highly important to stay off sex after miscarriage until the return of menstruation which usually takes four weeks if the couple is attempting to conceive. The recovery of hormone to optimal functional levels after miscarriage takes approximately about three weeks in some women. The brownish or yellowish discharge from the vagina during this time is not an indication for fertility. It is advisable to allow for a reasonable time before returning to active sexual activity, one month is considered safer enough to get the body and hormone ready for sexual activity that is targeting conception.

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Is pregnancy possible after miscarriage?
The chance of getting pregnant again after miscarriage is not a yes and no matter. Experiences have shown that many women became pregnant within two weeks after a miscarriage; some have however not been able to conceive months after a miscarriage which is often attributed to some other factors. The inability to conceive after a miscarriage in fertility parlance is term secondary infertility.

For couples not readily interested in getting pregnant after a miscarriage should use contraceptives because of the existence of high chance of a woman getting pregnant immediately after a miscarriage.

For any reason, it is in the best interest of the couple to wait until the woman is physically stable and emotionally ready before attempting pregnancy again.

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