What type of exercise does your heart needs?

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Emobileclinic Reporter: Femi Fayomi

Cardio-exercise are exercises aimed primarily at heart training. These exercises help us burn fat, develop endurance and to strengthen health. There are high- and low-intensity cardio-exercises. Generally, low-intensity exercises are used as a warm-up before the main part of training (jumping, squats, etc.) and high-intensity exercises –as a type of fitness (running, aerobics, brisk walking, and so on.). An easy 5-10minutes workout before exercising will not only prepare the body to load, but will also strengthen the immune system. But if you start training without warming up, it will lead to weakening of the protective functions of the body.

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Good cardio exercise should energize, but not  to the point of exhaustion. Dullness and weakness after exercising shows that you are not ready for such amount of load. You mustn’t practice 6-7times a week, because  your body will not have time enough to rest. In fact, the results will be more impressive if you reduce the number of workouts to 4-5 per week (lasting 10 to 30 minutes depending on the preparation). It is proved that cardio-exercise should not last more than 45minutes, otherwise, instead of fat to be burned muscle mass is. If you want your muscles worked in full force, they need to rest. Their recovery takes about 48hours.

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It is necessary to diversify training from time to time because if you’ll constantly perform the same set of movements, in a constant pace, there won’t be any benefits of exercises. To get real benefit from cardio-exercise you need periodically to go beyond your comfort zone, causing heart to faster beating. Do not focus on the monotonous, repetitive training with a uniform load. Dilute them by interval exercise. For example, alternate several minutes of moderate walk with the same period of fast walking. If you run, remain calm pace for a few minutes, and then switch to sprint speed no more than for a minute, If you train at home, remember that your body badly need oxygen during cardio-exercise. This means that the room must be properly ventilated. And that the load should be continuous, so during the exercise time try not to be distracted by TV, pets or something else.


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