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Most pregnant women experience at least one food craving, or a new sense of repulsion at the very thought of a food they previously enjoyed.

Pregnancy Hormones play a role, especially early in pregnancy when your body is positively flooded with them — and still getting used to them. But there may also be some truth to the notion that you crave what your body needs and are repulsed by what’s not good for you.

This theory works with items such as coffee and alcohol, which can suddenly turn off regular drinkers of both. But it doesn’t explain why you might suddenly turn your nose up at healthy foods you used to love, such as salad or oatmeal.

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Most cravings pregnant women have fall under the following categories:

– Sweet Treats (e.g. Candies, chocolates, Icecream, cakes & brownies, chewies, gummies etc.)

– Drinks and Juices (Sodas, shakes, smoothies, cocktails etc.)

– Savoury, Salty and Spicy Foods (e.g. fried chicken, pies, steak, barbeque etc.)

– Cold and Crunchy (e.g. Ice cubes, minty sweets, chilled fruits, etc)

– Non-Edibles : Some moms-to-be crave the smell of and sometimes imagine tasting non-edible substances like dust, foam, tooth paste, sand/cement, silt/clay stones

– Unique Combinations (e.g. Yoghurt and Walnuts, Beans and Salad Cream etc.)

You can’t always fight this symptom, so just try to respond to cravings and aversions with reason. Don’t worry if you don’t feel these urges for specific foods and smells. It is as normal not to have any food cravings or aversions as it is to have them. Keep in mind that most disappear or lessen by the fourth month — if yours don’t, that may be an indication of an emotional need you should address. Talk to your partner: If what you really crave is some more TLC (Tender Love and Care), he should be able to help out with extra hugs and attention.


Article Source
Dr Iketubosun (Consultant Obs & Gyn)
Georges Memorial Hospital



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