What are your Safety Measures to prevent Road Traffic Accidents? Road Traffic Accidents Still On the High Side.

Road Traffic Accidents Still On the High Side- W.H.O


The death associated with road traffic is still high in Nigeria. Almost every minutes, an accident occurs either on the motorcycle or motor car around the country. Most of these accidents especially those of the bikes, are due to over speeding of either the bike driver or over speeding of the motor car colliding with the bike. The wearing of helmets used to help to reduce the effects of such accidents but such rules are no longer stringent hereby causing instant death on most cases. This is not only a Nigeria problem ‘ motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable, making up 23% of all road traffic deaths. In many regions this problem is increasing; in the region of the Americas, for example, the proportion of motorcycle deaths out of all road traffic fatalities rose from 15% to 20% between 2010 and 2013. In the South-East Asia and Western Pacific regions a third of all road traffic deaths are among motorcyclists’ says World Health Organization.

Apart from motorcycle accidents, the heavy duty trucks on our narrow roads have claimed a lots of life. These trucks are becoming a terror on our roads. You find them everywhere and there are no government restrictions on them when there are no alternative route for them to ply. Accident arising due to Heavy duty trucks are instant death in most cases. Apart from this, the state of most of the Nigeria roads are still pitiable and full of potholes. Many people had lost their lives while trying to avoid a pothole leading to a head on collision. These are most of the causes of accidents in Nigeria.


We cannot however rule out negligence on the part of the drivers, the state of each cars and the physical and psychological state of the drivers. Some commercial drivers are still fond of drinking alcohol before embarking on their trips. Going by W.H.O data of over 1.25 million death road traffic crashes globally ‘despite improvements in road safety’ means that individual safety approach is needed to reduce accidents on the road.

Another causes of accidents on the highway are due to poor tyres maintenance . I recently asked a friend when his tyres would be expiring as he wanted to embark on a 5 hours trip; only to discover that the tyres had long expired! I was also in another’s car and the driver discovered that his tyres were deflated. We got a vulgarizer to increase the air pressure and I asked him if he knew the required amount of air that each tyres should possess. I was so shocked that even our vulgarizers have shallow knowledge on the tyres which are their core area of specialization. Every information you need to know about your tyres are right on the tyres!.

A step ahead is needed when it comes to our safety. Just like you insure your car, your phones, your life, your properties, you can also insure your tyres with a Ps2 fluids. The product in question is a fluids that protects tyres throughout the life span of the tyres. No leaks, no wears and tears and it maintains the air pressure so no under inflation or over inflation. It secures your tyres all through its lifespan and it’s applicable to all tyre sizes. Cost effectiveness and life protectiveness, I will say. So now that you know about the product you can do something different by getting it; that is tyre insurance as far as I know! (You can make your order on +2347034133307)

It is extremely important to take care of our cars because not everyone buys a brand new car. ‘The report also found that some vehicles sold in 80% of all countries worldwide fail to meet basic safety standards, particularly in low- and middle-income countries where nearly 50% of the 67 million new passenger cars were produced in 2014.’ says W.H.O. I know some of us are laughing because our cars are far below that year!

As the year is going to end, let’s ensure to take extra precaution to safe guide our life. Wishing you all a prosperous new year.

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