We have stressed so many times the importance of exercise and a healthy diet. There is a required body mass index for everyone and when is not normal or is obese, one of the problems that come with it is the pain at the knee. This pain makes it difficult to stand for a longer time, working a long distance would be burdensome, bending down to pick things from the floor becomes absolutely difficult and painful. Once your weight has affected your knee cartilage, care should be taken not to aggravate the condition. Depending on how it is being managed, you can get your knee back to the original condition. The following can be done to achieve this:

  • Weight reduction by diet: You might need to start from reducing that food portion; cutting down calories is also priority here.
  • Exercise: This will help to eradicate the pain. However the choice of exercise has to be chosen delicately. For instance, running and jogging must be avoided. A well positioned stationary bike, which sited height is almost the same when you stretch your leg while sited on it, will be perfect for the knee. The timing has to be taken into consideration as prolonged timing will further affect the knee.
  • Stretching the legs at interval is very important. This can be done while sitting on the chair or while on the bed.
  • Mild messaging before sleep.
  • Medication: There are drugs that could help to quickly reduce the pain if needed. You can consult your doctor or site expert for it.
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