Ways to having a healthy sexual life

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Healthy sex is a function of the safety measures taken in the build up to engaging in sexual activity by the sexual partners. Put simply, for a sex to be healthy; it must be pleasurable and satisfying with the two partners deriving maximum sexual feeling. Sex eliminates emotional stress with a great deal of fun.

As good as sex is, it also has some risks that may lead to serious medical conditions ranging from minor to complicated health conditions and loss of life. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are prominent sources of negative effect of sex on healthy living. STDs cause emotional and physical discomfort as well as serious medical problems like infertility, painful sexual life, HIV/AIDS, sexual dysfunction among many others sexually related health disorders.


Sexually Transmitted Diseases

One of the ways to having a healthy sexual life is avoiding sexually transmitted diseases. It is important to know that a sexually active fellow has a higher risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Having multiple partners increase the risk of STDs, however, this is not to say that a person with first time sexual engagement cannot contract sexually transmitted disease. In fact, a virgin can be diagnosed of STDS, though it is very uncommon but it can happen. While growing up, young children can contract oral herpes from their families and then pass it on to a partner during oral sex.

There are several measures to protecting oneself from STDs, they are:
The human papillomavirus (HPV) and hepatitis are two most common sexually transmitted diseases that are preventable with vaccines.

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Cervarix vaccine is designed to protect against the two types of HPV that lead to most cases of cervical cancer while Gardasil vaccine prevents the exposure to majority of genital warts. It is highly recommended that a woman gets the two vaccines before having sex.

On the other hand, hepatitis vaccine which prevents liver disease can be given during infancy. Hepatitis A is not transmitted during sex but can be spread during oral-anal contact while Hepatitis B is mainly transmitted through sexual intercourse. The vaccine is to be taken by all children under 1 year.


Practice Safe Sex
It is also fundamental that having safe sex is an important strategy to preventing STDs that are transmitted through infected secretions, such as HIV. It is important to always have a protected sex by using latex or polyurethane condoms and dental dams each time you engage in sex. Regular use of safety measures like condom can reduce the spread of STIs during several forms of sexual acts such as oral, vaginal and anal sex. Many are unaware of the fact that oral sex often lead to the spread of some STDs like syphilis, HPV, and even herpes.


Screening for STDs
The importance of screening for STDs infection cannot be underestimated as it contributes immensely on the reduction of the long term effects. For instance, untreated bacterial diseases like gonorrhea often resort in serious health problems like including infertility.
Also, screening militates against the risk of contracting an STD. As such, it is advisable to do the screening with your partner before you begin sexual relationship.

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STD screening is highly recommended for anyone who engages in regular sexual activity.


Pap Smears testing
Pap smears are tests useful in detection of early signs of cervical cancer. The leading cause of cervical cancer is infection associated with HPV. Engaging in safe sex and receiving HPV vaccine decrease the risk of cervical cancer. Because of the fat that not all HPV causing cancer can be prevented by the HPV vaccine, it is important to have regular PAP smear tests even for women who have received the HPV vaccine to know the condition of the woman.

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