Treatment of Mucous cyst

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A mucous cyst is a salivary gland disorder characterized fluid-filled inflammation as a result of the plugging of the salivary glands of the mouth. The leading cause of mucous cyst is injury sustained through lip or cheek biting within the oral cavity.



Lip biting
Cheek biting
Ruptured salivary gland



Rounded skin rounded shape
Whitish or bluish color



History of trauma or injury around the oral cavity will assist the doctor in recommending appropriate diagostic methods. However, the doctor may request for biopsy to know if the cyst is cancerous or not in any of the following conditions:
The mucous cyst is larger than 2 centimeters
The cyst’s appearance indicates adenoma (cancer) or lipoma
Absence of history of trauma



Laser therapy is used to remove the cyst
Cryotherapy: cyst’s removal through freezing
Intralesional corticosteroid injection to reduce inflammation and speed up healing
Surgical removal of the cyst or even the complete salivary gland.



Home Remedies

Using warm salt-water rinses do hasten the healing process
Avoid lip and cheek biting

It is advisable to avoid self-diagnosis and prescription so as to rule out further severe complication like oral cancer.
The comment complications with mucous cysts are pain and discomfort.



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