Those who drink tea on a daily basis are less likely to have cardiovascular disease ”

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Those who drink tea on a daily basis are less likely to have cardiovascular disease according to a presentation at American Heart Association delivered yesterday by Dr. Elliot Miller an assistant professor at University of Texas Southern western Medical Center. The importance of tea intake have been earlier noticed by

researchers at Harvard Medical School where it is believed that the presence of flavonoids in the tea is responsible for this amazing benefits. 

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According to the new study of tea which observed the effect of tea on the study participants for average of 11 years ,  drinking tea  ” is associated with decreased coronary artery progression and lower incidence of major cardiovascular events, such as heart attacks ” To drive home his results, he studied 6,212 adults and grouped them into ‘non tea drinkers’, ‘less than one cup in a day’, ‘one cup in aday’ , ‘2 to 3 cups in day’ and ‘4 and more cups in a day. ” He discovered that  adults who drank one and two to three cups had more favorable coronary calcium score more than those in the non tea drinkers. 

He also observed that the quantity of tea intake influence the incidence of major heart related events starting with the one cup a day tea drinkers versus non tea drinkers. The more the tea intake the lower the incidence of heart problems, he observed. 

” Tea is a good source of compounds known as catching and epicatechin, which are thought to be responsible for tea’s beneficial health effects ”,  says Dr. Howard Sesso, a professor of Medicine  at Medical School. Emphasis was however placed on Black or green tea according to Havard Health Publication. 


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