Toxic chemical inhalation during pregnancy or in the early life of a child may weaken a baby’s immune system response to the TB (tuberculosis vaccine) says researchers.

Healthday reporter, Robert Preidts, put some studies together on two common toxins. They are PCBs; an industrial chemical and DDT chemical used in the production of pesticides. These pollutants are not easily broken down and remain a health treat after years. These are all banned chemical in United States but this is still in use by some countries to control malaria- carrying mosquito.

Researchers analyzed blood sample and immune responses from a total number of 516 pairs of mothers and infants in a highly contaminated toxic environment. Each babies were given the tuberculosis vaccine in their first four days of life and their immune system (antibody) response was assessed in 6 months.

‘More than 99% of harmful chemicals were detected but infants with the highest levels of PCBs and other chemicals had lower antibody response to the TB vaccine. Those with the highest level of PCBs had 37% fewer antibodies against TB than those with the lowest PCB levels. Exposure to DDT also was tied to reduce TB antibody levels. And infants with exposure to both chemicals had the lowest levels of TB antibodies – Robert Preidts.

So many other chemicals will penetrate through the placenta just like PCBs and DDT, we should take necessary precaution after using our pesticides by thorough airing of the room before we sleep.

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