There may be need to be at alert as a bald man

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Several researches have established the link between male baldness and prostate cancer and the reason for this isn’t far fetched. Androgen hormone determines weather a man will be bald or not. Other risk factors of prostate cancer are age(older men), race( common among blacks), gene etc.

The new research further concluded that being bald is associated with prostate cancer.
According to the study which observed 4,316 men who had no cancer in the beginning of the study but saw an increase of about 1.5% of prostate cancer later in men without hair; there was another discovery as there was an increased in prostate cancer more with men who have moderate baldness(83%) than men with absolute baldness (56%). One would have expected a turnaround of this result among the bald men , this was rather conflicting says a urologist.
On the whole, the researchers results show 1.5% chances of having prostate cancer in bald men than unbald men.
Due to the result, baldness cannot be said to be a risk factor for prostate cancer but “it is conceivable that, in the future, patterns and degree of male baldness may play a small role in estimating risk of prostate cancer,” says the lead researcher.

The researchers concluded that more researches are needed in this regard to determine;
The relationship between prostate cancer and baldness
Why prostate cancer affects men with moderate baldness more than absolute baldness.
As at the time of analyzing the data, which consisted men between the ages of 25 to 74 years, 3,284 death had occurred, 107 were due to prostate cancer.




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Micheal Cook
American Journal of Epidemiology.

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