The question is why are kids exercising suicidal thoughts?

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By staying connected with your children, you are protecting them from any suicidal thoughts, says Dr. Kenneth R. Connerab . Rather than making it look like an obligation, another writer says you ”cannot teach a child to love if you go around hating everybody ” She is of the opinion that the best way to show connectedness is by  loving .
Staying connected to your children has been proven to have protective benefits on the long run, even when you are no longer with them, it has sustainable effect. Suicidal acts  in adolescents are attributed to kids who felt neglected by parents . A recent research shows the protective nature of staying connected with your kids.The lead researcher in the study was able to show ”that greater connectedness to parent(s) is associated with lower risk for nonlethal suicidal thoughts and behavior (STB), termed direct protective effects, and that parent connectedness serves to moderate (lower) the risk for STB associated with psychopathology including major depressive episode (MDE), termed moderating protective effects,” as published in Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology.


What happens when you don’t show your kids you love them?

CWM, March Edition, says you will end up raising a generation of kids that do not follow ‘Golden rule’ . ” In other words…you will turn him into a cold and callous person who is incapable of loving anybody”. Kenneth and colleagues in their observation of two studies of total number of 1,788 adolescents of boys and girls between the ages of 12 to 15 observed that ”increased perceived connectedness to father but not mother was associated with lower risk for measures of STB, consistent with direct protective effects” However, the second study added that connectedness to fathers was associated with lower risk for suicide plans or attempts (severe STB) but not frequent thoughts of death or dying (nonsevere STB).”

 The question is why are kids exercising suicidal thoughts?
CWM says when parents fail in their responsibility to provide for care and basic needs of life for them, ” when you physically abuse or maltreat him; when you always pour your frustration, anger and resentment on him or treat him as if you never wanted him; and ultimately when you abandon him and flee, the child will grow up hating the world”
Dr.Kenneth however noticed that when parameters like alcohol was added the results change. ”Measures of parent connectedness were associated with lower risk for STB but only for youth that did not experience MDE (or alcohol use disorder)” he said.

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Children also study what goes on around them, and every information you pass directly or indirectly enters into their head. If a parent is found of saying ‘ am tired of life’ ‘am just fed up’ or your kids know how much you hate someone, all these shape their behavior. ”Don’t underestimate how closely your actions as a parent are watched, and eventually mimicked by your kid. If you tend to yell, he ‘ll yell. If you beat him with belt, he ‘ll lash out physically at others as well. If you lie a lot, expect him to be a patholical liar.” –CWM.

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