The Pain of an Infertile Women

The Pain of an Infertile Women

Infertility is a big deal among women. It creates this feeling of emptiness which is only felt and understood by women. ‘Unfortunately for most women in developing countries, infertility services are not widely available and IVF is unaffordable.

While optimal utilization of IVF is estimated to be around 1500 cycles per one million population per year, provision of the service falls significantly short in developing countries, according to Dr Gamal Serour, president of the International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) and director of the International Islamic Center for Population Studies and Research at Al Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt. “As the cost of establishing advanced infertility centres is very high, only a limited number of centres were established in some low- and middle-income countries and most remain in the private sector,” says Serour. The situation is further exacerbated by the lack of support women face, both emotional and financial.

In sub-Saharan Africa “women are not encouraged by their male partners to seek modern technical treatments,” says Serour. Combined with the widespread lack of insurance coverage, seeking fertility care often means a lonely path for women wishing to conceive. “My husband is not supportive at all. He knows he could have more children from other relationships if he wants,” says Ann, who sold her inheritance, a plot of land, to pay for one cycle of IVF. That cycle, costing Ann around US$ 4900, was not successful. “At this rate, it will take me another nine years to save enough money for a second cycle, and by then I will be too old,” Ann cried out of despair. “We cannot afford it. I am going to die without my own biological child.” For many infertile women in low-income countries, some hope may lie in the introduction of affordable infertility services. An inspiring example is Egypt, which has managed to reduce its population growth and expand infertility care at the same time.

Services to assist infertile couples need to be integrated and holistic – starting from the community level to demystify the cause and prevent infertility when possible, and to provide referral for affordable care if infertility is unavoidable,” Vanderpoel adds. “Infertility prevention also involves important lifestyle choices. The outcome of quality fertility care is a healthy birth. Maternal and newborn health does not begin during antenatal care, nor should it only be addressed at the time of birth. Rather, it starts with quality reproductive health care which includes pre-conception fertility care’.

The cost of IVF still remains high in Nigeria as many women cannot afford the cost. Remarkably some IVF centers are offering more realistic approach to IVF in Lagos and some states to ensure a low cost IVF. The fact that is a low cost doesn’t make it less in quality. The cost of drugs are high and more pharmaceutical companies are coming up with more affordable drugs, and this is the basis of the low cost IVF. Women could actually set a short term saving target towards their IVF procedures with the low cost IVF initiative.
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Article “Mother or Nothing: the agony of infertility’

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