Swelling on My Vulva

Question: I usually have this recurrent swelling on my vulva, and whenever it occurs I visit my doctor who gives me antibiotics and helps aspirate it,the swelling was never painful but however the swelling I have right now is painful and I am feverish , what can be done to this as I do not want to have a recurrence after this episode

Doctors Response: The swelling in your vulva which is recurrent, painful and now associated with fever is most likely a Bartholin’s abscess. A Bartholin’s abscess is an inflammation of a Bartholin’s gland . The Bartholin’s glands are pear shaped glands located on the inner side of the vulva, one on each side. They secret fluids which help lubricate the vulva to aid sexual intercourse. Obstruction to the ducts of these glands result into Bartholin’s cyst and infection of the cyst causes Bartholin’s abscess. To treat the abscess so as to prevent a recurrence, a procedure called marsupialization is needed. Please visit a gynecologist to help carry out this procedure.

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