Surrogacy in Nigeria;what you need to know and do before you embark on getting a surrogate

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Many still dont belive it exists here in our motherland! It does and is thrivingly becoming an open venture. Women who have waited so long for the fruit of the womb are now opened to the option of having their babies with the help of another woman . The eggs and the sperm are that of the couple while the embryo is transfered to a surrogate uterus to bring the baby to term .


What will people say?
Yes this is africa where women want to be seen with pregnancy belly ,more than anything this is one of the fears of an african woman when it comes to using a surrogate. The fear most couple do have is not been seen to be pregnant, but trust me that is not an issue if your doctor is good!

Where will I get a surrogate?
The first option is to look inward your family ; your sister, mother, aunties etc. I understand that we like to be secretive and looking inward might not be the good option. However getting a neutral surrogate can be expensive as agencies supply surrogates to various fertility center. However getting your surrogate readily without the help of the clinic could help to reduce the whole cost at the end of the day. (Email [email protected] to get đetails of surrogacy agencies or sms 07034133307)

What if the surrogate wants to lay claims?
Cases of such are heard of in UK, US etc but Nigeria still remains one of the safest place you can use a surrogate and be rest assured there wont be issues.Bounding of mother and child are not the case when a surrogate is involved here! Many surrogates dont even get to see the babies at all! It is strictly contract and both parties are binded with legal agreement.

Will the baby looks like either of us?
Yes. Your egg and husband sperm are used here! So is yours DNA wise. However there could be cases where either the egg or sperm of the couple are not fit for IVF. In such cases, it is advisable that another party other than the surrogate donates the eggs. A surrogate should be the pregnancy carrier alone .

Are we to cater and accomodate the surrogate?
This is entirely left for you to decide. Some agencies cater and provide accomdation for the surrogate all through the 9 months ,some do not. You mịght want your surrogate to give birth aboard, So you should discuss what you want excatly with the agency.All your fear must be ironed out.

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At what point is payment involved?
This is very important. Payment could be done in batches or at once. Couples start paying agency right from when egg is transfered. However the bulk of the fee is paid when the surrogate becomes pregnant. While any outstanding is paid on or before delivery. Some agencies get all their fee at once when pregnancy is confirmed,while a negligable amount is paid at egg tranfer in case IVF fails.

Which fertility experts is the Best?
Apart from God factor, it is important to use a trusted hand medically for your IVF.There are few of such specialist/medical expert in Nigeria and you can email [email protected] to get direct contacts of an expert .

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