Some Happenings in the kitchen to be addressed!…hey guys

Some Happenings in the kitchen to be addressed!

Hey guys, I can bet most of us don’t know what is going on in the kitchen. If you do; you can’t but ask ‘woman why?’ No doubt an average Nigerian woman can cook, but the food combinations most times are uncalled for! Have you seen where a bitter leaf soup is made? Did you just salivate now? Nice soup you will all agree. After the soup is done the stomach feels delighted taken it down with Garri- Eba- Apu or funfun

The process of cooking bitter leaf soup is what I found alarming! While trying to thicken the soup, our women boil cocoyam, then peal it off and ground it. In fact that is the base of the soup. So if you ask me I will say we are eating cocoyam soup with garri or eba or funfun as the case maybe. Why the combination? Bitter leaf soup can be eaten alone! So analyze the meal. (Eating cocoyam and Garri) The Yoruba also cook bean soup and consume it with carbohydrates. Of course we cook our normal beans this same manner (pepper, palmoil, onilons) and we eat it alone. Why increasing our calories consumption when we should be on the look out to reduce it.

Vegetable soup should be allowed to stand alone without being overcooked or over washed like bitter ‘leave’ process. Our vegetables must not be exposed to unnecessary process of per boiling! That way we are still able to save some nutrients.

If we pick our diet one after the other, you will agree with me that a lots are happening in the kitchen that need to be addressed. A healthy diet is what we should aim for this year and that isn’t a woman’s job alone.


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