Signs to Show One Ovulates

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You will definitely notice one thing or the other at some points in your cycle. Immediately after menstruation, the cervix discharges nothing and the vagina is just warm and calm. Add few more days, you will notice some other activities. The vagina is wetter and produces mucus like discharge. Some women do observe this, why some don’t notice it even while it is happening. What really happens during ovulation?

  • Cervical fluids increases

Ovulation takes places towards mid- cycle of a woman .At that period, the body increases the amount of cervical fluid. The cervical fluids increases and becomes more slippery at the ovulation. Sexual urge during this period increases as penis penetrate more easily you will not require lubricant at this time.

  • Cervix moves forward.

‘You can easily check the position of your own cervix. Simply wash your hands and stick a finger or two inside your vagina and feel the cervix. When you are not fertile you will notice that your cervix is harder and not open. Your cervix will feel about the consistency of the end of your nose. When you ovulate the cervix is easier to reach, a bit softer and slightly open to receive sperm. At this point your cervix may feel more like your ear lobe.

  • One sided pain during at the lower abdominal stomach.

‘This is called mittleschmerz or middle pain. This is an achy feeling arising from the ovary just prior to or during ovulation. Not every woman notices this pain. But if you do experience it is a good clue that you have ovulated’. Most sexually active women would not notice this pain according to a study

  • Body temperature increases.

‘If you are tracking your basal body temperatures you can see where your temperatures shift downwards then suddenly spike upwards. This is also an indication of ovulation. This requires that you take your temperature on a daily basis’.



  • You have an LH surge.

‘This one requires testing with ovulation prediction kits (OPK). This involves spending money to purchase test kits that measure the amount of LH in your urine’


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