Romance at Workplace : to be or not?


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It is not unexpected to have romantic relationships between staff in an organization in spite of the stringent regulation that forbids this act. Office relationship is inevitable because of the stream of blood that flows through every human being. From time immemorial, there have been several discourses on the topic. Some are of the view that work place romances have impact on organizational dynamics with attendant effects on productivity, morale, efficiency.


They argue that top official may lose focus, compromised integrity may arise, unofficial communication route may emerge, partiality in appointment to favour sexual partners and so on. Proponents of workplace romance see it as in order; they are of the view that it may promote dedication and strengthened the workforce, enhance mutual understanding and respect and it enhances self fulfillment and self satisfaction. It has been argued that work motivation improves because workplace romantics increase their enthusiasm for being at work.

Equally it has been supposed that work place relationships can increase employee motivation because the participants feel better about themselves and are willing to work longer shifts in order to extend their time together. They may even get more involved with their work, since their partners are part of the job. It is their view that when you spend 8 hours daily in the presence (or near presence) of others, it is just natural to feel attracted to the person.


Classifications of workplace romance
Lateral or hierarchical relationships where those involved are on the same cadre. Nature of the affairs: is it opens (known, recognised, explicit) or closed (unacknowledged, secret, covert). It is important to distinguish between a romance and an affair. A romance is different from an affair. The latter implies that one or both parties are married/committed to others infusing the whole problem with an added moral dimension while the formal is aimed to achieve pleasure only with no visible commitment.

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Measuring the effect of workplace romance on job performance
These three factors can determine whether the relationships help or hinder organisational outcomes. Firstly, how good the relationship is? It is expected that a good healthy relationship must boost general morale, energy, enthusiasm and vice versa. However, when pressure is applied in a relationship, work will be stressful.

Secondly, are there corporate cultural values regarding relationship? This implies that what is the position of the organization on workplace romance; whether it allows it or not? Thirdly, what are the perceptions of nor-relationship employee on issues of official engagements? This therefore means that while the happy pairs might increase their productivity and morale, these factors decrease for the majority not in a relationship. If nepotism leads to positive discrimination it can lead to a lot of people becoming alienated and disengaged. Some couples go to great lengths to show that their relationship does not compromise their decision making. It is my consider opinion that workplace relationships do happen. Iron fist legislation would probably leads to secrecy, rumours, gossip and false accusations.; it is better to be open, grown-up and sensible in handling whatever relationship that may exist in the organization.

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