Rise in Hip and Spinal Fracture after Knee replacement

Emobileclinic Researchers’ Corner

Having knee or hip problem as one aged is really most likely unavoidable. Many elders battle with knee or hip or even spinal fracture as time passes. A lot of elderly  are getting knee replacement everyday and is really an alternative in this regard but care should be taken with knee replacement. A study found out that the rate of hip and spinal problems increased more after  knee replacement and the researchers blamed this on ”improved mobility and activity ” as these were not observed 10 years before the knee replacement.According to

Caroline Messer, M.D., director, Center for Pituitary and Neuroendocrine Disorders, Lenox Hill Hospital, New York ,patients who chose to have the surgery rather than conservative management of osteoarthritis may have been the same individuals who were determined to lead very active and therefore somewhat riskier lifestyles in the future”.

About 3,200 knee replacement was done under the study and the researchers observed that all of them later had hip and spinal fracture. This risk was noticed to be very low before they had the knee replacement. According to the study ,the risk of hip fracture increased by 4% after the surgery and spinal fracture was recorded to increase by 19%. As explained by Vela in the news release of International Osteoporosis Foundation, this could be as a result of physical activities after the surgery. He said ”the increasing risk for hip and vertebral fracture in the 10 years after knee replacement may be explained by pain, increase of physical activity due to rehabilitation, and other biomechanical factors” 

The researchers however recommended that more studies should be carried out to know the relationship between total knee replacement ,hip and spinal fracture . We also think after knee replacement ,the elderly should be contious of the fact that the alternative replacement isn’t a permanent or natural course and thus restrict from too much activities that could stress their knees.


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