Repeated Malaria in Pregnancy

Question: My 1st baby weighed 2.4kg even though I had her at 39w. My doctor called her a low birth weight baby and attributed it to the repeated malaria I had in pregnancy. I am pregnant again and do not want to have another low birth weight baby. What do you advise?
Doctors Response:

‎Malaria in pregnancy is a known cause of low birth weight inaddition to other numerous complications such as intrauterine fetal death and the other effects it has on the pregnant woman herself. To prevent malaria in pregnancy and it’s complications all pregnant women are advised to sleep under mosquito nets, spray the homes with insecticides, have mosquito nets on their window and doors and ensure their environments are clean. In addition they are given medication which contain sulphadoxine and pyrimethamine eg Fansidar as from the 2nd trimester, atleast a month apart, till delivery. Those who have allergy to sulphur are given Proguanil (Paludrine) on daily basis.
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