Prostate cancer and its effects on sexual life

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Prostate gland is one of the male sexual organs responsible for the secretion of clear fluid into the urethra in the course of ejaculation. It also triggers the muscle bone to release semen during ejaculation.

Like every other parts of the body where there could be an abnormal growth of cell, the prostate gland is something bedeviled with this abnormal growth of cell which is referred to as prostate cancer.

Cancer has significant impacts on the sexual life of men ranging from loss of sexual interest, low sex drive to erectile dysfunction. Most of the available treatments for prostate cancer such as surgery, radiation and hormone therapy can also lead to sexual difficulties in men.



Understanding prostate cancer
A prostate cancer is a disease condition arising as a result of the division of the prostate tissues growing to become a tumor. Men from the age of 60 years have a higher risk of developing cancer of the prostate gland. The urethra may get blocks when the tumor grows larger. It is not a contagious disease and cannot be transmitted sexually.


Most of the cases, there is no symptom. However, generally, common symptoms include blood in the urine, weaken urine stream, straining while urinating, painful and difficulty urinating.
 Prostate cancer and sexual problems
 Having problems with sexual act is not usually caused by prostate cancer for most men with the disease. Generally, prostate cancer has to do with the blockage of the urethra leading to some disruption in urine output. As said earlier, the symptoms associated with prostate cancer are no noticeable or known in some men until it metastasis to the bone.
 Very rarely, erectile dysfunction does occur in some men with prostate cancer.
 Prostate cancer treatment and sex
 Prostate cancer as a disease does not usually lead to sexual problems. However, going through cancer diagnosis and treatments bring about depressive feeling and mood which can severely affect sexual act.

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Worrying about prostate cancer may develop into possible loss of interest in sex or relationship stress.
“It must be emphasized that having active treatment on prostate cancer may result in sexual problems. Such treatments include surgical intervention, radiation and hormone therapy.
The nerves that control erections in men is very close to the prostate gland and removing the prostate gland cancer may result in nerve damage which may eventually cause erectile dysfunction.

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