Phone Radiation No longer Associated to Cancer!


Phone Radiation No longer Associated to Cancer!

A serious controversy is going on between researchers and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention! We are all familiar with the news of phone radiation causing brain cancer and the strong warnings of putting cellphone with low battery besides the head. The genesis of the discussion partly originated when C.D.C published on their websites years back that cellphone radiation increased the risk of cancer most especially in children and recommended strong caution in the use of cellphone. C.D.C recently changed the risk clause from their website and wrote that if there are any risks at all, it has to be from other lifestyles of the users! They also deleted the caution on the risk of children using cellphones. The other lifestyle they pointed out was composing of text messages while driving! Or will say answering phone calls while driving (lol)

As it is, the agency is receiving serious batching from various angles? I recently read a jounal by David B Richardson on radiation where the author said ‘more precise estimates of cancer risks are associated with prolonged low level radiation exposure’ but the radiation in question was ionizing which the author concluded it is an established cause of cancer. He describes that ionizing radiation can only be gotten from atomic bomb and used ex-military staff as data source. Nice work I concluded but C.D.C is also saying that phone radiation can’t cause any harm but ionizing!

Mainstream scientific consensus holds that there is little to no evidence that cellphone signals raise the risk of brain cancer or other health problems says The New York Times. CDC spokeswoman; Bernadette Burden said ‘to correct that misperception and to confirm that C.D.C had not changed its policy or recommendations, C.D.C posted a clarification statement, she said. A former director of C.D.C ; Christopher Portier who were in service when it was concluded that phone radiation causes cancer, disagreed with the C.D.C on the deleted clause . He told The New York Times that he would not have removed the former but ‘support a recommendation that parents look carefully at weather their children need cellphones or not’

The federal Communication Commission , an American organization says ‘radio frequency energy is not effectively linked with any known health problems and argued that radiation released by nuclear bombs (ionizing) is undoubtedly harmful which is in contrast to radio frequency energy ( a form of non- ionizing radiation) which the phones, Wi-Fi, baby monitors and other devices use.

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