Obstructed Sleep Apnea high among people with heart problem

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Emobilclinic Reporter: Dr. Tomi Orungbe

A recent study pointed out that obstructed sleep apnea (OSA) is underdiagnosed in patients with acute coronary syndrome. ”It is urgent to establish screening protocols in those that have high yield ” OSA says Sílvia Leão, MD,a Department of Cardiology, Centro Hospitalar Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Vila Real, Portugal. This has become necessary to observe in patients ”with manifestly unfavorable prognosis,”he said. Dr. Silvia and his co researchers said the role of sleep apnea had not been defined in patients with acute coronary syndrome before their study which also extend to patients with myocardial infarction, and myocardial revascularization.


The researchers performed cardiorespiratory sleep study and/or polysomnography on the 73 patients on cardiac intensive unit. It was discovered that 63% of the patients had obstructed sleep apnea . They however recommended CPAP (continuous Positive Airway Pressure) if Apnea–Hypopnea Index is ≥5.
The researchers categorized obstructed sleep into mild and moderate to severe and the percentage under each sub division was high and more on the severe obstructed sleep apnea (s- OSA). The affected patients were reported to have ”lower event-free survival rate” and ”after adjustment for gender, patients with s-OSA showed a significantly higher incidence of the composite end point ” said the lead author.

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 The research was published in America journal of cardiology . The researchers proved that under diagnosed obstructed sleep apnea will have effects on the outcome of heart treatments . For instance in the study the hazardous ration jumps from 3.58% to 17.73% in the severe obstructed sleep apnea group.

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