Not a Rose or words of Love

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Not a Rose or words of love


Not a Rose or words of love today of all days and you suddenly realized that could have made a difference? Married women wish to have it all! A husband that will not cheat, that treats well in words and actions, nice lovely home and cars, beautiful children  . A perfect man  so to say. Yes all married women desire all these. Roses are beautiful, passionate words are sweet but isn’t a day journey. If you haven’t gotten it in the last ten years of marriage, yes you will feel bad as women are moved with emotional words. Why have you not received these?  You asked if something was wrong with you. It is two ways. Is either something is wrong with you or something is wrong with him.

These are functions of what the man is or what the woman is. How romantic are both of you in the first place? An unaffectionate woman that is crying to be loved on a valentine day should first love herself and that would influence  everyone around her. You can make your man what you want him to be if you are want you want him to be. An unaffectionate woman will kill any move of affection or gesture of her husband. Many at times men turns out the way they are with unaffectionate relationship. What you don’t have you don’t give or expect in returns. 

For an affectionate woman who married an unromantic man, who says you can’t still get roses, gifts items, words of affection today? Send him message or call him to adore him and tell him what you want today.Tell him to come back home for the first time in 10years am sure he would want to oblige.  Don’t feel bad that you made the move first. Is no big deal once the result is achieved. You have actually waited all these years for his gifts and words of love but you can get everything today by asking him. 

You have already asked and he still went out not staying? How many more days do you have for the  year to end? Today was never meant to be , do it tomorrow, day after tomorrow, next after tomorrow etc. Tell him you love him and he  isn’t a stone, he will respond. 

Roses are good, words combined with attributes of love are awesome , they make a relationship lively. Men should realize that women also get bored. Introducing various spices in a relationship would help in renewing and confirming dedication to each other. Men should not be selfish. You stay out all days and wife stays in all days. A day in a week for outdoor fun will help the relationship blossom. 

Happy valentine, kindly share if you agree with this article. 

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