Newly Introduced ; IVF Packages to guarantee success!

With the growth of in vitro fertilization and increase in IVF failure, Emobile Specialist Hospital has come up with various IVF packages for the benefits of her patients. You can now benefit from the following ;

IVF Normal:  This is our normal IVF of self egg at N1.5m and donor egg at N1.8m. Under this package you will get a second treatment at no cost at initial and pay if it works.

IVF DISCOUNT: We offer   2 cycles fee discount at a discounted amount of  Self egg of N2.5m and donor egg of N3m

IVF GUARANTEED: Our guaranteed IVFS will give you the opportunity to keep doing your IVF until pregnancy is achieved at the cost of N5m for both self and donor egg treatment.

Note: Investigation & Evaluation fee is not included in the above fee. Consultation ,investigation, evaluation and registration is N200,000

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