New Ray of Hope for People with Down syndrome and Autism


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People with Down syndrome and Autism might find a treatment solution soonest according to a new research of Boston University of Medicine.


The researchers identified a genetic abnormality in the pattern of brain development in Down syndrome people. The researchers pointed to a general misconception and perception of Down syndrome being defects that occur before the birth of a child.
The new study noticed a brain developmental change as the child develops into adult.

This change was seen in the brain cells which influence white matter causing a slow nerve transmission. “This discovery of the genetic changes thatemobile ad new alter communication within the brain uncovered a completely new target for therapies in the brains of people with [Down syndrome],” says Tarik Haydar, associate professor of anatomy and neurobiology at Boston University School of Medicine,in the university news release.
“These findings may allow researchers to design strategies to promote brain functioning and improve quality of life,” said Haydar.

The research will not only prompt treatment researches but will likely shed light into other development disabilities like autism as noted by the researcher.

Boston University School of Medicine, News release.
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