New Flare -ups are likely to Occur in three countries! WHO warns as she declares Liberia Ebola Free today

WHO warns that three countries remain at high risk of additional small outbreaks of Ebola just like the recent re occurrence in Liberia. They noted that 10 of such flare-ups have been indentified which was not part of the original outbreaks.

As they declare the end of the most recent outbreak of Ebola virus disease in Liberia, they said all known chains of transmission have been stopped in West Africa. Liberia was first declared free of Ebola transmission in May 2015, but the virus was re-introduced twice since then, with the latest flare-up in November. Today’s announcement is 42 days (two 21-day incubation cycles of the virus) after the last confirmed patient in Liberia tested negative for the disease 2 times.

WHO and partners are working with the Governments of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone to help ensure that survivors have access to medical and psychosocial care and screening for persistent virus, as well as counselling and education to help them reintegrate into family and community life, reduce stigma and minimize the risk of Ebola virus transmission. 

According to WHO’ Ebola epidemic claimed the lives of more than 11 300 people and infected over 28 500. The disease wrought devastation to families, communities and the health and economic systems of all 3 countries.



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