My wife was confirmed pregnant, but the uterus is empty…. [Details]


My wife was confirmed pregnant (blood and urine test). We went for a scan after 6 weeks and saw the baby but the doctor said it was 8weeks.  At abt 12weeks, we went for another scan, the baby was there but the doctor said it wasn’t growing. After using drugs, 2 weeks later we went back for a scan only to be informed that the uterus is empty.  My wife has not passed any lumpy blood and we just don’t know where it went. She had a miscarriage prior to that pregnancy.


I sincerely cannot be absolute about this as so many details are left out. First, I do not know the parameters that were used to make the conclusion about the fetus not growing. Secondly, I do not know the medication that were taken and its use. I will further advice you to visit any fertility expert and one who is well knowledgeable in obstetrics care.

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