My tommy keeps growing bigger, everybody thinks am pregnant.

Question: Dear doctor, I am 21 years old but everybody thinks am pregnant. My tommy keeps growing bigger which made me to go for scan. The doctor said it was a growing fibroids. I have read all your posts on fibroids but I didn’t see that of a growing fibroids. When will it stops growing. My fear is that at this rate of it occupying all my Tommy wont I have problems when I get married?
Doctors Response:‎

What I presume your doctor meant was that the uterine mass (fibroid) was increasing in size. It is described as ‘huge’ if it has grown up to the umbilicus. Such may require an urgent attention ie an abdominal myomectomy. Issue of cosmesis has been discussed in previous write-up. The fibroids stop growing when you get to menopause
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