My face is swollen and painful.

‎Question: I am down with fever,my face is swollen and painful. Someone told me the hole in my tooth I neglected for long could be the cause..Can toothache lead to swollen face

Doctors Response: Yes,neglected toothache can be fatal. Acute periapical (tooth root) infection result in abscess formation if left unattended .The surrounding soft tissues may become swollen by diffusion of fluid (inflammatory exudate).There are deep fascial spaces in the face that the fluid spread to. A dental emergency (Ludwig’s Angina) could arise when several of these spaces are involved. The characteristic features are diffuse swelling,pain&fever. skin of the face is shiny and taut. mouth opening will be limited and swallowing will be painful. Airway obstruction can lead to death..Depending on the stage of presentation,immediate hospital admission could be required and antibiotics regime commenced. It is advisable not to delay consultation.

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