My doctor has advised a caesarean delivery for me as I am 37w pregnant and my baby is breech. Is there an alternative?

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External cephalic version has been suggested to reduce the incidence of breech presentation.

The current scientific evidence is that ECV significantly reduces the incidence of breech presentation at onset of labour and thereby reduces the contribution of breech presentation to caesarean section rate without any increased risk to the baby. In the past it was performed earlier in gestation but was accompanied by high reversion rates, making additional procedures necessary. Now it is performed on patients who have completed 36 weeks of gestation so that the risk of spontaneous reversion is decreased and if complications arise, delivery of a term infant can be accomplished.

A number of factors have been found to increase the likelihood of successful ECV. These include multiparty, posterior placenta, adequate liquor volume and a station of the breech above the pelvic brim. Although primarily intended. For the management of the uncomplicated breech pregnancy at term, ECV has also been carried out successfully during early labour.

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