Meet the male Doctor who lost his breast to Cancer

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Most researches concentrated on female breast cancer as it is believed that 1 out 1000 men can be affected with breast cancer. Male breast cancer is not common but with the story of Dr Oliver Bloger, a professor of neurosurgery and senior vice president of academic affairs at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston men should be involved in breast cancer awareness.


While narrating his experience he felt disturbed that there are no detailed management of Male breast cancer and he had to undergo the same procedure with the women. His wife had earlier been diagnosed of breast cancer two years earlier. Dr. Bogler felt lonely on this journey, according to him ‘I realized that the male disease is an orphan disease in the sense that there wasn’t primary research on men” The treatment my wife received were practically identical.


On how he felt when he discovered he had a breast lump he said he observed the lump for few months ” it certainly refused to go away ”  before he decided to check it out medically. It was a shocking moment ‘you don’t forget when you have a cancer’ he said. 

With his experiences Dr. bogler is subjecting himself for various researches all for you guys. He equally urges the government to dedicate 1% of finances year marked for  breast cancer to male breast cancer so that more will be known on this cancer as it affects male.

‘One of the things I’m advocating for is as they design clinical trials, if they choose to exclude men, they should have a good sound reason to exclude men’ He also feels there is need to educate medical professionals to raise more awareness, ‘it’ s going to be a long term thing and be hugely important. 

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