Check Up

What is a “Medical Check ” ?
Emobileclinic  can refer you for a comprehensive assessment or selective assessments
of your health and well being.
Health Checks or medical check are customised to suit your family
history and lifestyle or to aid doctor’s diagnosis.
e.g. if you are a smoker who enjoys diving, the health
check will focus on lung function.
e.g. if you have a family history of heart attack and you
have a stressful occupation, we can arrange for the
referral to include a complete review of cardiac function.

Why  Annual Medical Check ?
Not only does it highlight any problem areas, but it also
enables the doctor to practice preventative medicine.
The screening will include:

Full physical examination including:
Blood Pressure
Pulse reading
Body Mass Index
Review of any illnesses, medication and family history.
Vision and Hearing Tests

Spirometry -which tests lung function fully ECG – to test the heart rhythm, rate and other abnormalities
Resting Test & ECG
Urine Analysis

Blood Screening – this will be gender specific and will include:
full blood count
renal function
liver function
cholesterol / body fats
Glucose test for diabetes
prostate test if over 40
tumour markers for bowel & ovarian
thyroid function

Additional blood tests can be performed
at the same time (at no cost in addition ) as
A full report is sent to you and will include an action plan based on the results.
You might require a consultation with the doctor so you can discuss any health worries, large or small.

What is the cost?
Comprehesive Health Check is available at the cost of $900 . The cost of selective assessments can be decided until we know what check(s) the doctor requested.

How do I arrange an appointment?

Please fill out our information request form and we will give you the address  to one of our centers nearest to you.

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