‘Many at times Autism develop 18-24 months after the birth of a child, so care must be taken to observe babies in their early months’

Autism is a brain disorder that incapacitated communication and ability to relate to others. It’s also called Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDS).It comes in early life of the child and aggravates from mild to severe as he grows. According to WHO, it affects 1 in every 160 children and boys are more affected.


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Many at times Autism develop after 18-24 months after the birth of a child, so care must be taken to observe babies in their early months. It definitely gives some signs like delay in speaking, difficulty in movement; usually the child might be on a spot spinning or rocking, shyness (usually doesn’t want to be touched or looked at), zero response to the stimuli. Some baby without Autism might also have these symptoms but no harms in contacting your doctor if your baby behaves these ways to be double sure.

After two years, the signs become more pronounced; No single utterance at all, no attempt to play, no interest or excitement. Another sign that becomes more noticeable in the toddler years is the big unusual head which may be as a result of the brain problem .At more mature years ‘individual with ASDs often present other co-occurring conditions, including epilepsy, depression, anxiety and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD).’

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Many children with autism are not diagnosed early making it difficult for them to get all the necessary assistance which will help them in early years and this is why is important to screen a child at 9 months and follow it up at another 18 months. There is no medical test for autism. Parents get to answer some list of questions called a screening tool to evaluate the child’s behavior and communication. ‘Intervention early in life is important to promote the optimal development and well-being of people with ASDs’

The causes of autism remain unknown. Scientists have blamed it on environmental and genetic factors. It is believed that it runs in the family in some occasions. It is however not caused by vaccine as it was been speculated. Other risks factors are intake of valproic acid or thalidomide during pregnancy, genetic disorder such as Fragile X and tuberous sclerosis. The chances of having Autism child also increases by 19% if there has been a previous birth of an autism child.

Asperger syndrome is a mild in symptoms. The affected kids do not have communication problem but they are in the world of their own. They don’t understand facial expressions and pick a particular point of focus.

Autism has no cure but early detection can help the child live an independent life and who says they cant live a normal life?. There are various easy methods that have been designed to assist an autism child. They can study just like everyone with right approach.

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