Management of Purple Stretch Marks on Thighs, Buttocks, Stomach, Legs, and Back

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Purple stretch marks are a type of scarring resulting from damage sustained by dermis. The purple stretch marks are just one of the several forms of stretch marks which occur on thighs, legs, buttocks and even stomach. It may start as red and turn into white or silver stripes, and finally end up as purple scars. They do not cause physical pain, however, they can be distressful to some people which may eventually leads to emotional pain.


Indented lines or streaks on your skin surface
Pink, black, red or purple streaks
Bright streaks that eventually start fading into a lighter color
Streaks that cover very large areas of your body.


Obesity and spontaneous weight gain
Growth spurts
Weight lifting and body building
Pregnancy causes stretch marks
Hormones changes and imbalance



Risk Factors for Purple Stretch Marks
Being a woman
History of getting stretch marks
Pregnancy especially in a young woman
Being obese
Rapid weight loss or gain
Undergoing a surgery to enlarge your breasts
Consistent use of corticosteroid medication


Use of retinoid cream which is derived from Vitamin A can be applied to the skin. For expectant women, or women with small babies, there is need to consult doctor to be advised of alternatives as the retinoid can affect a small baby.

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