Management of Caustic Burns

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Accident is inevitable in life and it comes in different forms. One of the forms of accidents is caustic burn otherwise known as chemical burn. It happens when the skin or eyes become exposed to an irritant such as an acid or an alkaline. it can happened anywhere chemical is being used or handled.

Swallowing chemical can be dangerous to the body as it can lead to severe reactions and causes problems to the internal organs of the body.

The most vulnerable groups are young children, old people, incapacitated people and other people whose occupations involve the use of chemicals.



The leading causes of caustic burn are acids and bases. There are many products that can also cause chemical burns, they are:

Pool chlorinated product
Battery acid
Denture cleaners
Whitening products




Numbness in the affected area
Black spot
Irritation and burning sensation in the affected area
Vision loss particularly if there is contact with the eyes

The under-listed symptoms may be seen in the case of swallowed chemical”
Severe headache
Low blood pressure
Irregular heartbeat
Breathing difficulty
Heart attack

The diagnosis can be made following medical history of the incidence and the based on evidences available to the doctor after physical examination. The depth of the burn, the nature of the burn, the level of pain and likelihood of infection are some of the factors that can aid the diagnosis.


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Removal of the chemical and rinsing of the affected part with water
Removal of anything contaminated by the chemical on the body
Use of pain relieving, antibiotics and anti-itch medications
Tying the affected area with clean dry cloth
Cleaning or removal of dirt and dead tissue
Skin grafting
Skin replacement
Cosmetic surgery



Associated Complications

Loss of limb
Risk of infection
Damages to the muscle and tissue



Chemicals should be kept of children reach
Safely keep chemicals properly
Chemicals to be used at well aerated area
Avoid unsafe use of chemicals
Never mix chemicals with other chemicals
Use protective cloth and other essential equipments when using chemicals.



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