Malnutrition; who can be affected?

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Nutrition is the consumption of food in proportionate to the body’s dietary needs. Good nutrition therefore is an adequate, well balanced diet combined with regular physical exercise or activities. A poor nutrition leads to reduced immunity, increased exposure to disease, impaired physical as well as mental development and reduced productivity. Malnutrition can happen to anybody,

it has more to do with poverty as starvation is a major cause of malnutrition, but also a person can be said to be malnourished when there are no adequate nutrients in the food. It is simply nutrition inadequacy; unbalanced diet. WHO reported that about 45% of all child death globally are linked to malnutrition. In Nigeria, it is believed that one every in five children suffers from malnutrition.

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The other causes of malnutrition are indigestion or problem with absorption. However some other medical issues can be attributed to it. Poverty, natural disaster, wars are all contributory factors. The general symptom is the emaciating look but in some cases it might not show which could be very dangerous. Other symptoms are dizziness, fatigue and weightloss.

The treatment of malnutrition is simply by replacing the missing nutrients. A medically caused malnutrition however needs to be identified and treated to correct malnutrition in that regard.

Two foundations teamed up some days ago to put an end to malnutrition. A total sum of $100m is set to fight malnutrition by Malinda Gates Foundation (Bill Gates) and Dangote Foundation in a joint partnership. The project is a 5 years tenure starting from 2016 aiming to influence about 5 million families. According to Bill gates, “Nutrition is one of the highest impact investments we can make in Nigeria’s future growth and prosperity. We know that well-nourished children are more likely to grow up to be healthy, fend off preventable diseases, achieve more in school and even earn higher income as adults,” said Bill Gates. “This partnership builds on our foundation’s strong commitment to Nigeria – one of several countries where we are working closely with the government, the private sector and civil society to improve health and development outcomes, “he said.

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