Male Major Sexual Issues

Premature ejaculation & Erectile Dysfunction

Many males would rather not talk about it. They would rather prefer self-medication or other alternatives medicine than to let a third party knows about their sexual problems. Talking to a doctor or an expert when you experience any form of sexual disorders does not make you less a man than you are. Sexual disorders can happen to anybody for whatever reason you could think of.

In fact the causes of many sexual disorders are unknown. Be that as it may, other factors like a sudden change in one’s circumstances or environment, alcohol, obesity, diabetes, stress, anxiety can be attributed to the causes. Having erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation are major issues that bother men. We are saying is no big deal. There are treatments which range from medications to therapy that can help out depending on the identified root problem. Sexual disorder is not only a male problem, female experiences some forms of disorders like sexual arousal disorder, Sexual Masochism and Sadism, Vaginismus etc.

Our concentration is on male Sexual disorders and we have chosen to discuss sexual dysfunctions and problems with Ejaculation due to the massive inquiries on the subject.

Erectile Dysfunction also known as impotence is a sexual failure; inability to develop or maintain or sustain an erection of the penis. Major causes of this are; cardiovascular disease which reduces blood flow to the tissue in the penis, diabetes, neurological disorder, kidney or liver failure, drug abuse, some antidepressant drugs and often time a damage of a nerve ;nervi erigentes. Many of these problems can be medically corrected. Some other causes can be psychological in nature such as anxiety, stress, problem in marriage and other emotional traumatic situation.

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Premature Ejaculation is the release of the sperm before or soon after the penis penetrates into the vagina. Other related ejaculation problem are prolonged or inhibited or retarded ejaculation which describes a scenario where ejaculation takes a while or too slow to occur. There is also a situation (Retrograde Ejaculation) where the sperm returns back into the bladder rather than coming out through the penis after reaching the peak or the climax of sexual satisfaction. The man ends up not releasing the sperm afterward. Premature ejaculation is often caused by nervousness while inhibited ejaculation is caused by lack of attraction between partners, past traumatic experiences. Some antidepressants also affect ejaculation. Retrograde ejaculation occurs in men who have diabetes. For some it could be after certain abdominal operations.

It is very important to consult your doctor if you have these issues. He will be able to identify the issue and will recommend medications based on his investigations or refer you to the experts in other areas if needed. You can also consult the site experts for any of these issues.

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