Little bumps  on the nose and other facial parts of newborns-Milia


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Changes are bound to happen to a newborn baby’s skin as he or she ages. Milia are one of the changes expected as new born baby grows. Milia are little bumps usually found on a newborn’s nose, chin, forehead or cheeks. They can also develop on the upper trunk, limbs, penis and mucous membranes as well as in the mouths of some newborns. They usually disappear within a month of appearing on the skin of the baby.



The development of the oil gland and shortage of normal shedding of skin are responsible for this condition in newborns.

Baby acne
Fluid-filled nodules
Skin-colored papules
Lesions containing buildup of fat leading to high cholesterol levels
Benign sweat duct tumors
Warty spots typically linked to aging

The doctor needs to physically examine the baby as there are no tests for the condition. They usually go away over time.

The available treatments include:
Regular good care of the skin.
Warm water bath to clean the face daily
Applying appropriate oil to prevent dry skin
Skin biopsy may be recommended in case of severe milia to rule out harmful skin disorders.



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