Let’s Talk About Sex in Marriage !What Does Sex Mean to You

What Does Sex Mean to You?

What happened to sex after we got married? Especially after we have had all the children we intended. Did sexual urge increases or decreases? Did you stop loving your partner or what? Or does the sex tastes better than before? Emobileclinic went around some offices to interview people on what sex means in their marriages.

man and womTwo females and a man spoke to us. Mrs Elizabeth works in one of the banks and admitted she absolutely lost interest in sex after giving birth to her third child. ‘I don’t know maybe is the stress of taking care of my 3 boys that is affecting my sexual urge’ she said she had always been working before her marriage and did not think it was the stress from work. ‘I also think my husband always demand for sex at the wrong time. ‘Imagine a situation where have been working from morning till evening at least he should expect me to shower and sleep even if it is for 4 hours before making moves’

She said she enjoys her sex early in the morning when she is more relaxed and she loves being held on the bed without sex. ‘We asked the numbers of time she would love to have sex in a month and she said 4 times!’ once in a week’ When asked if sex makes her happy she said no but ‘ it improves communication, my husband tells me things he been keeping from me after we have sex, I know it brings us closer but I can’t help saying no most of the time’

The second woman, Mrs Ogey; a civil servant in one of the Lagos ministry however did not have this liberty and she said it was no use saying no to sex. ‘My husband doesn’t take no for an answer when he wants sex’ Even when she was tired she replied that her husband is always quick to remind her about ‘ matrimonial obligations ’. In her voice I could sense that it was not all the time she wants to have sex. She agreed that the urge for sex declines as years go by in marriage with several marital ups and down.

‘My husband is always wanting sex but I do want it occasionally ‘ she said. We wanted to know how many times and she said ‘always’. We further asked her if she was happy with sex and she said not all the time and she agrees it bonds them well rather than happiness.

It seems men are still able to keep the sexual fire burning but most women would rather prefer to sleep without being touched in most cases until when they have the urge. Mr Adebisi, a site engineer said he likes sex with women ‘my wife inclusive ‘If all men are like this women would have more works at hand so I think!


I picked up a foreign paper where sex and happiness were analyzed based on some researches  and it shares the same view with the women we interviewed. ‘Several studies show that couples are likely to be satisfied with their relationship when they have more sex. But small kids, work worries or a new Scandinavian crime series can downgrade sex as the activity of choice. So wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly how much sex you need to have a happy relationship?

The study used data on sexual frequency and happiness from more than 30,000 Americans who took the General Social Survey between 1989-2012. The survey found that couples were happier if they had more sex, but that ‘more than once a week’ didn’t increase their happiness. The once aweek rule held true regardless of age, sex, or length of relationship. The study found no link between happiness and how often someone had sex if they were single.

Amy Muise, the lead author, says that this is the first study to show a curvilinear relationship between sex and happiness; that the association levels off at once a week rather than being linear.

While other studies show that men report higher sexual desire than women, this research suggests that having sex more than once a week doesn’t make them any happier. The study did not look at quality of sex, but research suggests that couples feel mostly positive about their sexual experiences. Muise says positive feelings about sex last for at least the next day, so, strictly speaking, it is unlikely that daily sex is ever necessary.

The average amount of sex that couples have is, in fact, once a week, though this is not the optimum amount of sex if you are trying for a baby’.

So am asking you all what does sex mean to you?






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