It is used to ‘imbibe, to enhance tight, moist and sweet vagina area for their men.’

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‘Modernized Diabolic ‘

It is their customs and traditions in Northern part  of Nigerian. Several old  traditions are still valued in that region .  I will talk about one of them in this write up. Due to the Islamic belief many men married more than one wives in Hausa land.  The need to stay relevant in marriage has led to the development of a culture where a wife- to- be is  ‘cooked’ before her marriage  for sexual intercourse enjoyment with the husband . They called it  ‘Hakin Maye’ and is also  referred to as ‘alkayanmata’ but I called it’ ‘modernized diabolic’ as this culture has found its ways to the southern, western and eastern part of Nigerian causing troubles in most marriages as they are now being used mostly by single ladies who are dating married men. 

‘Madam sorry to ask you, are you enjoying your marriage? ‘asked my eye lashes fixer. I looked at her like’ what the heck? ‘What a question? She got my look and apologized. She said, ‘ ma do you know why my saloon is always filled up? ‘and she pointed that most people in the her saloon were not there to make hair. She called  one of them who happened to be a married woman  to move closer to us. ‘Please help me to explain what’ Alkayanmata’ is. The woman looked at me as if am a moron.! ‘ You mean you don’t know this? , you mean you are not using it?’,  she exclaimed! She started the lecture that lasted for about 1hour. ‘,’ You see if you are not using it and some girls used it for your husband be getting ready to welcome a second wife soon’, she said. I asked if it were jazz that would have side effects and she said,’ you aren’t using it to harm the man, you are only cooking yourself so that he will enjoy and prefer sex with you more than anyone’she says. ‘ Even if he does it outside he will come home to ask you for your own because your vagina is  different.’ 

I interviewed an Hausa man about this, so as to explain what type of feelings are derived from sex with a woman with ‘Alkayanmata’.  According to him, is like putting your penis inside honey. He said’ is like bee and honey’ He said there is no Hausa man that isn’t aware of this practice ‘I pity any man who doesn’t know it exists’ 

To be able to understand the practice further, I spoke with one Hausa female and these are her words on the subject ‘This is an acceptable materials, herbs, or prescriptions that women in the north who really wants to stay and keep their matrimonial home must imbibe to enhance tight, moist and sweet vagina area for their men.’ she says.

  A situation where a lady who is not married is using it for somebody’s husband makes me totally frown at this practice. These products are being sold everywhere and is destroying many homes as men no longer find their women attractive in bed.  The victims(men) would look for any reason to go out or stay out just to have sex with ladies who are using these stuff. 

According to the Hausa lady, she said even among married Hausa women who uses it for one man, there is difference. The difference lies in the type and category of the ‘Alkayanmata’ a woman is wearing. According to her, ‘The substance is in class and category only to who who can afford it. Some are taken in drinks, oral, food or by insertion’ 

The Hausa man I interviewed recognized one where the woman will open her laps so that heat coming out from a fire would enter into the  vagina. My Hausa female speaker says a man recently sent his new wife back home to tell her mother to do the needful. According to her, ‘This is the reason why a man get more pleasure in a woman with 4 kids who is into it than ‘Amariya’ that is not aware of it nor has been Prepared or taught.’

‘It’s is not a taboo for a married  woman to use or sell this substance because of the competitiveness in polygamous homes ‘she says. 

The purpose of this article is to let our men be aware of this practice,that sex is sex but some sex are enhanced with these substances and most single  ladies are using it; combining it with good sexual hyperactivity to make the men feel it is the activiness that is causing the honey-bee enjoyment. 

This is the highest form of wickedness any single lady can do to a married man if she believes that one day she will be married. 

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