It is prevalent among women than men -Fibromyalgia

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Fibromyalgia is a medical condition characterized with generalized body pain and tenderness. It is prevalent among women than men roand occurs in young children and old adults.



Chronic weakness
Sleep disorder
Tenderness to touch or pressure affecting muscles and sometimes joints or even the skin
Severe fatigue
Inability to think precisely
Anxiety and depression
Digestive disorder
Overactive bladder
Pelvic pain



Generally, the main cause of this condition remains ambiguous. However, some factors may influence the risk of having the condition, these factors include: genetic factors if it is hereditary, spine problems, arthritis, injury and stress both physical and emotional stress.



A physical examination by the doctor is vital in detecting tenderness and rule out other causes of muscle pain. No diagnostic tests like X-rays or blood tests for this condition. Description of the nature of pain experience may also be helpful in the diagnosis.



No definite cure exists for fibromyalgia. It is however instructive to note that there are treatments available for the management of the symptoms.
Medications can be taken to manage the condition.
Regular and non stressful physical exercise can also assist in the management.
Engaging in cognitive behavioral therapy lesson can improve patient’s know.

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