It affects both male and female and could be problematic if it is allowed to build up-Smegma

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Smegma is a whitish substance that may be present on the genitalia. It is caused by the shedding of skin cells and it is harmless, although it may become problematic if it is allowed to build up.
It affects both male and female; in male, it occurs on the head of the penis while it is found between the labia, the lips which protect the vagina, and around the clitoral hood in female.



Skin cells shredding skin
Huge dead epithelial cells
Risks associated with build-up smegma
Development of offensive smell
Platform to breed bacteria
Sticking of the foreskin to the head of the penis makes erections painful
Sticking of the clitoral hood to the shaft and glans of the clitoris
Lead to inflamed head of the penis becomes inflamed.
Unpleasant -smelling discharge


Washing the genitals with warm water at least once a day
Do not wash your genitals with strongly-perfumed soap or shower gel, or use deodorants or other such products, as this may lead to irritation.

Smegma in children

The prevalence of Smegma is common in young boys because the penis undergoes a change where the foreskin detaches from the head of the penis. This change requires skin cells to be shed. These skin cells may form smegma.

This change occurs at different ages; but mostly before the age of 5. The change may, however, occur earlier, even before birth or shortly after or later within the teenage years.
It is important not to force the foreskin back in order to remove smegma. This can damage the penis in the following ways: pain, bleeding, tears in the skin and may lead to scars.

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