Is there anything wrong with too much sexual desire?

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No one is immune from having sexual thoughts, these thoughts at times interfere with the ability to work properly or have relationships or go about daily activities. However, these thoughts or urge differ from one individual to another. In some it becomes so excessive; clashing with all sphere of their lifes .This is a serious sexual disorder.strong>

A person with sexual addiction is obsessed with sex, or has an abnormally intense sex drive. Their lives are dominated with sex and the thought of sex; so much so that other activities and interactions become seriously affected.

The sex addict may initially be involved in a healthy and enjoyable sexual situation which eventually develops into an obsession. Fantasies and sometimes actual acts may be well outside the radar of most people’s idea of what is sexually acceptable behavior.

Excessive sexual desire has been diagnosed as sexual addition according to World Health Organization in her International Classification of Diseases (ICD)

Signs and symptoms

Compulsive self-stimulation (masturbation)
Multiple affairs, this includes extra marital affairs
Multiple one-night stands
Multiple sexual partners
Persistent use of pornography
Practicing unsafe sex
Using prostitutes
Watching others in a sexual way (voyeurism)
Sexual harassment

As antidepressant medication and some other psychotropic drugs have been found to be effective in the treatment of sex addiction in a significant number of cases, experts believe sex addiction may be linked to a biochemical abnormality or some chemical changes in the brain.


Intense feelings of guilt
Low self esteem

Relational family problems like family break-ups
Financial problems
Risks of being infected with sexually transmitted infections
Unwanted pregnancies


Psychiatrists commonly use the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), created by the American Psychiatric Association, to help with the diagnosis of sexual addiction.


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