Infected Birds with Flu Now in the market!!!!

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Some of the affected farmers  have been pushing out their dead birds into the markets for sale. According to the spokesman of poultry association  farm in Jos, the government should compensate without delay to enable the farmers to report their various farms.



 Dr Ayuba said about 60% of the affected farmers have  been compensated by the government. The remaining 40% farmers have not been compensated; which is causing the newly affected birds to be sold into the markets in Jos. This will definitely affect the sales of birds nationwide. Dr.Ayuba Harun; Desk officer Avian influenza control unit, said curtailing the avian flu might be difficult as the farmers are loosing confidence in the government. He recognized early report of affected farms as the major key to curtail the spread of the flu since the distance of one poultry farm is not far from the other.



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