I was hoping I would be a model when I was young, but pimples destroyed that dream

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I was hoping I would be a model when I was young, but pimples destroyed that dream, I never got that smooth skin until when I got married and gave birth, I can’t understand why they are coming back after I have stopped giving birth .


Teenagers often considered those without pimples or acne as lucky ones. They definitely get all the attention from guys while you are known as the girl with the rough face. A smooth skin is what everybody desires. Teens often feel they would have achieved more if their faces are spotless. More of them want to be like Kim Kardashian, or a supper runway model; but with pimples on the face, these dreams slip by. More importantly is that its affects self morale. You think people think less of you. You think guys would not like you. You just keep going on and on and couldn’t understand why you can’t be among the fewer without acne or pimples .
Most pimples arrive during adolescents between 12 to 17 and disappear or re appear later .

Pregnancy, stress are associated with re occurrence of pimples after adolescents . We often hear only if pimples are pimples. Some pimples appear like boil hardening and softening as each day passes. An attempt to press this nut pimples will further provoke it, making it bigger than necessary. If left alone they will go back to the initial size and soften as each day goes. Pimples are not limited to the face, you find them on the chest, at the back of the body, on the ear, on the lips, on the laps, on the hand ;they can be everywhere. Pimples are caused by blockage of the pores as a result of excessive oil on the skin and dead skin cell. Some pimples get worst by some diets, once you observed that a particular food acts as catalyst to your pimples reappearance , you might want to have ‘a forbidden fruits’ list.

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What to do with pimples?

  •  Do not burst

    Avoiding pressing your pimples as this will leave scars on your face. Black sport on the face is more horrible than pimples.

  •  Wash off

    They don’t do well on a clean skin. If you can wash the affected areas regularly, they become uncomfortable.

  •  You can also get medications from the medicine store. There are lots of pimples and acne dermatology confirmed products that you can patronize. But don’t be in a haste for total disappearance of your pimples within a limited time frame. It is important to set time frame of 6- 8 weeks after which you can change it if there are no improvements. However it is very important to take note of the label instructions and ensure that your choice of treatment has the following content:

  •  Benzoyl peroxide: What ever you are buying either cleanser or cream, ensure that benzoyl peroxide is in the content. This is an active bacteria disciplinarian. It kills bacteria and gets rid of some of the oil and dead skin cells.

  • Salicylic acid: This helps to unplug the pores.

  •  If the treatment works, you are advised to continue using it, as stopping might make you start the journey afresh.

  •  There are herbal soaps and medicine that can help, when it comes to pimples, you might want to try this. My philosophy is this, what will work on you perfectly well in 6 to 8 weeks will respond gradually and shows improvement no matter how little in one week.

  •  If it becomes worsening or embarrassing, you can visit a dermatologist for more investigation and diagnosis.

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